Getting Published, Shame, and Saber-toothed Tigers

Back in August, I shared my first published piece and shared about the process. I’m so pleased that I have been published again, and this time I’m even getting paid — a whole $10! My essay, “True Love, Fairy Tales, and George R.R. Martin” found a home at the literary magazine, Her Stry. What does the author of The Game of Thrones have to do with my dating life? Read it and see.

I was particularly pleased about getting published at Her Stry, as this magazine was the first place that I submitted to exactly two years ago this week. When I got the message that it went live, I rushed to view it and my heart fell. What I found was the version I sent them back in February. I wasn’t upset with them – how could they have known that I have substantially revised the essay since sending it to them? I was upset with myself for not thinking to ask and what was worse was I was now so embarrassed by the old version that I didn’t want to share my happy news with anyone. I emailed the editors of Her Stry with the edited version and asked if they would consider replacing the essay with the latest version. They graciously told me that they would, but told me that they actually liked the original version better. Now, I was in a real quandary. Trust the magazine or trust myself? What if my edits actually make my writing weaker?

A good friend told me that as a memoirist, if I’m writing something that embarrasses me, then I’m on the right track and those feelings are just the ego trying to keep me safe from expulsion from the tribe, but since we don’t live in times with saber-toothed tigers, those feelings have outlived their purpose.

Between her wise words and the wonderful comments people have given, I’ve managed to dim the voice of my inner critic (I’ve affectionately dubbed her “Felicia”) to an annoying whisper. Perhaps it’s time to write another “Dear Felicia” letter. 😝

Finally Getting Published!

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  • Marci

    December 5, 2022 at 6:20 pm

    Aww good old Felicia!! Why don't you keep her to yourself and get her out of my headspace?? Haha but for reals, congratulations on the […] Read MoreAww good old Felicia!! Why don't you keep her to yourself and get her out of my headspace?? Haha but for reals, congratulations on the publishing!! What an accomplishment and do not allow Felicia to taint what should be your time of rejoicing!! Your words out there for others to disfrutar!! So enormously grateful to have the universe cross our paths in beautiful Izhcayluma. Here's to finding our soul sisters💕 whenever, where ever, gracias!! Read Less

  • Working at Walmart

    November 8, 2022 at 4:46 pm


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