Good omens

While at the kc airport this morning,  I heard “Mazzy Star – Fade Into You”. I’ve always loved this song. Might be my favorite by this honey voiced specialist in the bitter sweet.

Our flight to Minneapolis was remarkably ahead of schedule. I was happily seated by a very attractive fellow holding an iPad. It gave me the perfect excuse to strike up a conversation. I am borrowing a good friend’s iPad2 so I asked him how to turn it to airplane mode. I inwardly cringed as I fumbled with the iPad to follow his instructions.  Did I mention he was attractive? I mean he was no Dave Navarro (saw him last night playing for Janes Addiction – see pic from last night- OMG! I’m pretty sure that man has more charisma, sensuality, biceps, and pec definition than is legal!) ….

Where was I again? I seem to have gotten all distracted. Oh yeah, attractive plane man. After fumbling with the iPad, and noticing his abnormally large feet in surprisingly stylish shoes, I asked him if he was going to buy the new iPad.

“This is the new iPad.” Well, so much for my being smooth. Oh well, we still had a nice conversation. He said the new iPad is definitely worth it. We talked about accents, languages and travelling. He has been to Paris a couple times & had some nice suggestions on where to go which mirrored many of the things I has planned on seeing. The Louvre, Notre Dame, Musee d’Orsay…

I noticed he was reading The Hunger Games on his iPad. I wanted to say something about what a great series that is,  but felt it would be an intrusion. If he was reading a “real” book instead of an iBook, I wouldn’t have felt the same. I love my tech conveniences, but there is definitely something to the theory that they are making people more anti social. How many times have each of US been out with friends and instead of enjoying each others company, we are compulsively checking our phones or texting or worse, playing “words with friends”?

I sat there wishing I could start more conversation with him & find out if he was single. He wasn’t  wearing a wedding ring, but I did notice that he kept saying “we”. I didn’t want to be one of those annoyingly chatty plane people so I took out “my” iPad & read through the rest of the flight.

My coworkers and I had a really nice lunch at the Rock Bottom Brewery. We had one beer with lunch. Now we’re sitting at the gate with another 2 hours to wait, right next to an Irish bar. It’s St Patricks day!  I am really tempted to get another, but don’t want my boss & director to think the wrong thing…

Next post will be from Paris! 🙂

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