• Facing Fears and Finding Joy on the Road to Ronda

    On my last day in Seville, I felt less of the usual uneasiness when packing up and moving to a new place.  I felt ready to start the next chapter. … Read More

  • New Beginnings and Navigating Solo Travel

    Recently, A friend posted a very touching and candid video of her preparing to go on a solo journey.  It reminded me that I’m not traveling simply for the sake… Read More

  • Long-term Travel Isn’t Always Unicorns and Rainbows

    Many scorn Facebook for its fake nature. Each social media post is a window to that person’s reality.  The size, slant, and tint of the window is influenced by what… Read More

  • Edinburgh, beautiful, friendly, wet and chilly

    Though my first trip to Edinburgh was in February 2015 and certainly not warm, it had been sunny and only chilly, not blustery cold and wet. I have been spoiled… Read More

  • English Food and Haggis get a Bad Rap

    I first visited Edinburgh in February of 2015 with Marcie.  Here’s a link to an album of that trip.  We absolutely loved it. The ornate architecture with wonderful sculptural details… Read More

  • Looking for rainbows

    I promise I’ll write about my Scotland experiences soon, but I came across this quote today from Janette Tepas in an International Living article and it expresses something I’ve been… Read More

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