• Appreciation

    Snow greeted us this morning.  The first snow of the year.  Just a dusting.  My brother got a nice pic of it from his office window.  He was kind enough… Read More

  • Neuschwanstein & Linderhof Castle tours – too beautiful to be real!

    Tuesday morning we felt that our heads had just touched the pillows before the alarm went off for our early morning meet up with Gray Line tours.  We picked up… Read More

  • Europe is exhausting, eh?

    Day 5 in Munich is getting off to a slow start. It’s been a wonderful meandering experience with very few firm plans other than nightly drinking with a great group… Read More

  • Unraveling the Mysteries of European Train Passes

    After many, many hours of poring over library books, Rick Steves videos, public transport websites and traveler’s forums, I have pinned down reservations for all major aspects of our upcoming… Read More

  • Europe Anticipation

    It seems Mark & Nita have fallen in love with France.  After honeymooning there a few years ago and going back twice since, they decided to rent an apartment in Avignon for a… Read More

  • Belated update on Spain

    Barcelona was fun, mellow, beautiful, fairly reasonably priced; somewhat unsafe feeling at times, but I would recommend going there.  Getting around was easier than in Copenhagen. Things were closer to… Read More

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Hi, I'm Christina. I love travel, cats, gardens, house sitting, birds, painting, dogs, museums, good food & drink, you know - all the good stuff! I've been working on my first memoir, Magicians, Cross Dressers and My Uterus while living my second!

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