• Europe is exhausting, eh?

    Day 5 in Munich is getting off to a slow start. It’s been a wonderful meandering experience with very few firm plans other than nightly drinking with a great group… Read More

  • Unraveling the Mysteries of European Train Passes

    After many, many hours of poring over library books, Rick Steves videos, public transport websites and traveler’s forums, I have pinned down reservations for all major aspects of our upcoming… Read More

  • Europe Anticipation

    It seems Mark & Nita have fallen in love with France.  After honeymooning there a few years ago and going back twice since, they decided to rent an apartment in Avignon for a… Read More

  • Belated update on Spain

    Barcelona was fun, mellow, beautiful, fairly reasonably priced; somewhat unsafe feeling at times, but I would recommend going there.  Getting around was easier than in Copenhagen. Things were closer to… Read More

  • Glyptotek, Tivoli Gardens and Canals, Oh my!

    My second day in Copenhagen started off a bit slow with repacking everything and lugging my 46-pound suitcase, laptop, and bag o’crap into the metro and across town to the… Read More

  • Solo Copenhagen

    Copenhagen is clean, sophisticated, convenient, high  quality and a bit cold… kind of like me.  The subway is very easy to navigate and immaculate.  The Quality Inn was conveniently located… Read More

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