Sometimes my job doesn’t suck….

Two weeks ago, my director told me that they needed me on a week trip to Paris and Munich.
I’ll spend St. Patrick’s Day in the air and spend Sunday through Tuesday in Paris, then fly to Munich, work through Friday evening, see my coworkers off and spend the weekend in Munich. 

I tried to find friends/coworkers interested in joining me to see the sights for the weekend, but found no takers.  I’ve never traveled solo for fun before.  Munich is a cosmopolitain city with most of it’s population speaking fluent English, so I figured I’d be ok with only my Blazing Saddles style German vocabulary. (“Bitte baby! 14 schnitzengrubens is my limit!”)  I have always said that travel without companions seems unreal as if it didn’t really happen if you didn’t have someone to share it with.  I spent a few days getting my head around that and had convinced myself that this would be a good, liberating experience to exercise my independent spirit and attempt to shed this unapproachable vibe I have going on.

Then, I get an email from someone I have never even met from the German office.  She graciously sent suggestions on mueums and attractions and hotels.  After conversing for a few days, she tells me, “If you have no objections, I will be your travel guide for the weekend.” Brilliant!!

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