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  • Gliding Gracefully or Furiously Flapping

    Bird silhouettes, dark against the bright sky often kindle my imagination with a romantic notion of utter freedom. Freedom from the tiresome anxieties of the thoughts that plague our collective minds down here in these strange times. Each type has its own flight pattern and after years of gazing skyward, I recognize some birds by this alone. American goldfinches (quite…

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  • This is not how I was expecting to spend my two year anniversary

    And this is not the blog post I planned to write.  April 2, 2020 marks the anniversary of quitting my job, selling my home, and traveling for two years.  I’d planned to announce that, after much dithering, I had decided to end (or at least pause) my nomadic ways and move to Munich.  I would speak of celebrations with my…

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  • Going Home without Going Home

    My first time back in the US since leaving on my amazing adventure Fellow nomads warned me that I might feel reverse culture shock upon returning to the US after 15 months of traveling. I’m not sure what that was meant to them, but I didn’t have it. Possibly I avoided it since I didn’t go “home” per se and…

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  • 38 Activities From the Last 2 Months

    A few people have gently reminded me that it has been a very long time since I wrote a blog entry.  This is especially embarrassing because I have mostly been staying put here in Berlin lately so in theory, I should have more time to write.  So what have I been doing other than trying to decide if I should write…

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  • Long-term Travel Isn’t Always Unicorns and Rainbows

    Many scorn Facebook for its fake nature. Each social media post is a window to that person’s reality.  The size, slant, and tint of the window is influenced by what they want you to see, what they want to hide, where they are, who they are with, what they had for lunch, and how they see themselves. I admit that…

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  • Edinburgh, beautiful, friendly, wet and chilly

    Though my first trip to Edinburgh was in February 2015 and certainly not warm, it had been sunny and only chilly, not blustery cold and wet. I have been spoiled in my past travels and blessed with unseasonably great weather.  So why would I expect anything less when visiting Scotland in April? My British friends knew better and scoffed at…

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Hi, I'm Christina. I love travel, cats, gardens, house sitting, birds, painting, dogs, museums, good food & drink, you know - all the good stuff! I've been working on my first memoir, Magicians, Cross Dressers and My Uterus while living my second!

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