June 2018

  • Facing Fears and Finding Joy on the Road to Ronda

    On my last day in Seville, I felt less of the usual uneasiness when packing up and moving to a new place.  I felt ready to start the next chapter.  Facing fears of solo travel and driving to Ronda, Spain.  Ready to say goodbye to Seville.  Stacy wasn’t there to split a taxi fare, so I agonized about saving money…

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  • New Beginnings and Navigating Solo Travel

    Recently, A friend posted a very touching and candid video of her preparing to go on a solo journey.  It reminded me that I’m not traveling simply for the sake of traveling. For me, this isn’t just a vacation. I am searching for something. I’m not exactly sure what; hopefully, I will recognize it when I find it.  Part of…

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Hi, I'm Christina. I love travel, cats, gardens, house sitting, birds, painting, dogs, museums, good food & drink, you know - all the good stuff! I've been working on my first memoir, Magicians, Cross Dressers and My Uterus while living my second!

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