First snow of the year KansasSnow greeted us this morning.  The first snow of the year.  Just a dusting.  My brother got a nice pic of it from his office window.  He was kind enough to warn me this morning so I had time to mentally prepare myself for that first “Oh sh*t!” of the day and allowed enough time to warm up my car before departing. (Thanks for the remote starter, Marcie!)  He also sent me a link this morning that has some incredible closeups of snowflakes using a point and shoot and a lens from a discarded SLR!  I’ve never seen such detail!  We’ve all heard that no two snowflakes are alike.  These photos illustrate just how different and incredibly unique, detailed and beautiful snowflakes are.  Amazing stuff here:

Individuality Demotivater

I’m also reminded of one of my favorite Demotivators from  We’re all beautiful snowflakes, don’t you forget it!

I haven’t had the luxury of parking in a garage since I lived with my mom years ago. The upside of this is the strange exhilaration I feel when I’m driving down the highway and a white stream of snow whooshes off the hood of my car, leaving a frosty comet trail in my wake.  That and the sound of crushing dead, dried and crunchy fall leaves under my feet make the Kansas seasons worth it.

The snow is especially endearing today knowing that in a mere 47.5 hours I will be boarding a plane with 6 of my nearest and dearest friends bound for Belize for dear Stacy’s birthday celebration.  She’s always wanted a picnic on her birthday.  I am soooo looking forward to joining her in making that dream a reality that doesn’t involve shivering our asses off in Kansas.

Beach in Belize
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