S&OP Roadtrip part 2

I have to repeat the first line I opened my first blog with:  Sometimes my job doesn’t suck.

Our March trip to my company’s European offices was an overwhelming success.  Everyone involved was impressed and pleasantly surprised with how much more effective this style of meeting was over our usual one massive meeting in our main European office.  The first trip was comprised of 6 of us from the main US and UK offices visiting first the Paris office (Belgium associates joining us there) and then the Munich office (with Austrian and Italian associates as well).  With smaller groups, we were able to have candid, open discussions and develop focused plans that could tangibly improve efficiency.  I came home from the trip re-energized and inspired, glad to be contributing and wishing that I could focus my career on this sort of thing full time.

The meetings were so successful that it was determined that we needed to roll this out to our remaining European offices as well and that we should have these meetings yearly.  An opportunity to go back to Europe every year once or twice??  Oh, ok, twist my arm.  😉

The Globe Irish Pub “Tree room”

I leave Monday for Copenhagen.  I spend 2 days sightseeing solo then Alex arrives Wednesday night and we visit the Danish office Thursday and Friday.  I’ve never traveled solo before – sure I’ve flown by myself, no worries there – but I’ve never vacationed solo.  I’m sure it will be fine and might be liberating, but it’s been niggling at me a bit.  I’m a very social person when it’s people I already know.  I’m not good at projecting an open attitude and meeting new people.  Christian from the Denmark office recommended The Globe Irish pub.  We’ll see how it goes! For other activities, I’m thinking the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek sculpture museum, Rosenborg Castle, and Tivoli Gardens (second oldest amusement park in the world).

Park Guell
Park Guell

Friday evening, Alex will fly back home to England and I’ll move on to Barcelona.  Great friend and travel buddy, Marcie will be flying in from Kansas to join me for the remainder of the trip.  Our hotel is 10 minute walk to the beach.  Looking forward to checking out the Gaudi architecture, tapas, parks, and I’m sure with Marcie along there will be mandatory shopping!  We are going to have a blast!

Alex and Becca will fly in Monday morning and we’ll meet with the Spanish office.  I’m bummed that Carolina won’t be in the office!  She’s a sweetie and tells me that my Spanish is much better than it honestly is.

Hampton Court Palace
Hampton Court Palace

On Tuesday evening we’ll fly to London and head to Southampton.  Lots of work to be done and information sharing to be had there.  On Friday evening, we’ll head to Farnborough to meet up with dear Jenni who is graciously letting us stay in her flat through Tuesday and showing us around to such places as Stonehenge, Salisbury, Hampton Court Palace and has promised us a nice Sunday roast.  Can’t wait!  Her flat is a 40 minute train ride to London.  Marcie and I haven’t decided what we’ll do there yet, but despite having been there 5 times, there’s always more to see.  I wouldn’t even mind seeing the Tower of London a 4th time.  One thing I do want to catch is the Tate Museum where there are a number of John William Waterhouse paitings.

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