• S&OP Roadtrip part 2

    I have to repeat the first line I opened my first blog with:  Sometimes my job doesn’t suck. Our March trip to my company’s European offices was an overwhelming success. … Read More

  • Second trip to Europe in a month

    Tomorrow my friends and I head out for the European vacation that has been in planning for many, many months and has undergone a number of transformations. It began when… Read More

  • Hello Munich, you beautiful town, you!

    Tuesday night, we arrived at the chic, clean, trendy, sleek, and minimalistic Motel One Munich too late to do much other than check in.  One thing that I found pretty… Read More

  • Goodbye Paris

    Our meetings in Paris with our French office and our Belgian office went so much better than any of us expected or hoped for. With all of today’s technologies at… Read More

  • Paris, take deux

    Well… I had a nice blog all written up from Paris.  I was just getting ready to post but wanted to add a few pictures.  Apparently that was a bad… Read More

  • Good omens

    While at the kc airport this morning,  I heard “Mazzy Star – Fade Into You”. I’ve always loved this song. Might be my favorite by this honey voiced specialist in… Read More

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Hi, I'm Christina. I love travel, cats, gardens, house sitting, birds, painting, dogs, museums, good food & drink, you know - all the good stuff! I've been working on my first memoir, Magicians, Cross Dressers and My Uterus while living my second!

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